Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems

Sixth AHS International Specialists' Meeting On Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems:
Platform Design, Autonomy, Operator Workload Reduction and Network Centric Operations 

Sponsored by the AHS Arizona Chapter

January 20-22, 2015
Chandler, Arizona, USA 

Unmanned Little BirdThe 21st century has seen a continued emphasis on Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous behavior development for both military and civilian applications on a global basis. Numerous unmanned rotorcraft are in varying stages of development all over the world along with the technologies that will safely integrate them into commercial airspace.

The overwhelming focus on Network Centric Operations (NCO) and its application to rotorcraft and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has expanded the scope of the 2015 Specialist’s Meeting.  Subjects may include but are not limited to, sharing of information across the operational field of use, command-and-control, ad hoc network enabled systems, UAS control and interoperability with both ground and other aerial systems, networked sensor integration, and NCO related analysis, modeling, and simulation.

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Technical Chair, (480) 891-6057 or (480) 748-9429.

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Hotel Reservations

All sessions of this symposium will take place at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Chandler, AZ.  Reservations can be made by contacting the resort directly.  The AZ Chapter of AHS has negotiated US General Services Administration (GSA) rates for conference attendees staying at the resort who make their reservations before December 29, 2014.  These rates are, tentatively, $133 USD (or the prevailing GSA per diem rate).

Please reserve directly with the hotel and indicate that you are attending the AHS Unmanned Rotorcraft Specialist Meeting to receive the discounted AHS rates by phone, and use reference code M0U” ("M-zero-U") to receive the discounted AHS rates for online reservations.

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The Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf  Resort
One North San Marcos Place
Chandler, AZ 85225


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$133 USD per night plus tax
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Preliminary Schedule

Title Authors Affliation Time
Session 1 Invited Speakers' Tuesday (Jan 20 2105) AM - Chair: Ram JanakiRam, Boeing  
Opening Remarks Dr. Ram JanakiRam The Boeing Company 8:30 AM
Remotely Piloted Vehicles in Future US Air Force Operations
Dr. Mica Endsley-Jones
Chief Scientist of the US Air Force 8:45 AM
Navy (PMA-266) Unmanned Rotorcraft Programs Overview Ajay Sehgal Chief Engineer, Wyle Aerospace 9:15 AM
Micro Autonomous Systems for the Dismounted Soldier Brett Piekarski  Head of CTA MAST, US Army ARL 9:45 AM
BREAK 10:15 AM
Autonomous Research at Georgia Tech Dr. Prasad Professor, Georgia Tech University
10:30 AM
Boeing Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems Overview Angelo Scardullo Boeing Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems Program Manager 11:00 AM
Title not yet provided Dr. Barbara Lindauer Director, Autonomous Systems, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 11:30 AM
Title not yet provided Lyle Chamberlain Principal Mechanical Engineer and Co-Founder, Near Earth Autonomy 12:00 PM
LUNCH 12:30 PM
Session 2 UAV Control and Autonomy  Tuesday (Jan 20, 2015) PM - Chair: TBD  
High speed canyon flight: obstacle field navigation envelope expansion on the RASCAL JUH-60A Black Hawk Chad Goerzen, Matthew Whalley and Hoyt Burns San Jose State Foundation, Army Aerofightdynamics Directorate and H. N. Burns Engineering Corporation 1:30 PM
Sense and Avoid for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using ADS-B Yucong Lin, Srikanth Saripalli Arizona State University 2:00 PM
Development of Aerodynamic Based Feedback Control for Quad Rotor Biplane Micro Air Vehicle in Transition between Hover and Steady-Level Flight Vikram Hrishikeshavan, Derrick Yeo, Christopher Bogdanowicz and  Inderjit Chopra University of Maryland 2:30 PM
Autonomous Maneuvering of Cyclocopter using Closed-Loop Motion Capture Feedback Controller Elena Shrestha, Derrick Yeo, Vikram Hrishikeshavan and Inderjit Chopra University of Maryland 3:30 PM
Longitudinal Motion Planning for Slung-Loads Using Simplified Models and Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees Eric N. Johnson and John G. Mooney Georgia Tech 4:00 PM
Simulation Framework for Autogyro OPV Development Danilo G. Galisteu, Florian-M. Adolf, J¨org S. Dittrich and Falk Sachs German Aerospace Center (DLR) 4:30 PM
Session 3 Navigation, Wednesday (Jan 21st, 2015) AM - Chair: Srikanth Saripalli, Arizona State University  
Optionally Piloted Rotorcraft Guidance and Operator Interface for Shipboard Operations Eric N. Johnson and Phillip Jones Georgia Tech and Scion UMAs 9:00 AM
A Multi Criteria Re-Connection Strategy For Roadmap-based Motion Planning Florian-Michael Adolf and Augusto Rodrigues Pereiray German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Brazil 9:15 AM
Development of a Lightweight Inertial Navigation System for Micro Air Vehicle Applications Vikram Hrishikeshavan Inderjit Chopra University of Maryland 9:45 AM
BREAK 10:15 AM
GPS-Free Navigation for Micro Aerial Vehicles Shatadal Mishra and Srikanth Saripalli Arizona State University 10:45 AM
Autonomous exploration and navigation strategies for MAVs Sai Vemprala, Srikanth Saripalli Arizona State University 11:00 AM
3D Depth Estimation for Helicopter Landing Site Visualization in Environments with Degraded Visibility Kedar D. Dimble, Hector D. Escobar-Alvarez, Badri N. Ranganathan, Joseph K. Conroy and J. Sean Humbert University Of Maryland and Army Research Lab 11:30 AM
LUNCH 12:00 PM
Session 4 Design Operations and Testing Wednesday (Jan 21st) PM - Chair: TBD  
Multicopter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Advanced Design for High Tension Power Line Inspection K. Swift, C. Bielmeier, A. Gates, F.S. Wei and  C. Turburski PinnaclX Corporation, Central Connecticut State University and , Northeast Utilities 1:00 PM
Performance of a Small-Scale Martian Helicopter Rotor Robin Shrestha, Moble Benedict, Vikram Hrishikeshavan and Inderjit Chopra University of Maryland 1:30 PM
Conceptual Design Aspects of Three General Sub-Classes of Multi-Rotor Configurations: Distributed, Modular, and Heterogeneous Larry Young NASA Ames Research Center 2:00 PM
Design and analysis of a thrust-vectoring coaxial-rotor micro air vehicle Sebastien Prothin, Francois Defay and Jean-Marc Moschetta Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique, France 3:00 PM
Unmanned Little Bird (ULB) as Forward Observer in Counter Artillery Mission Christa C. Luna and Sam Perry Boeing 3:30 PM
Experimental study on micro passive blade twist control for small-scale proprotors Peng Lv, Emmanuel Benar, Sebastien Prothin and Jean-Marc Moschetta Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique, France 4:00 PM
Dinner Banquet - Speaker TBD 5:30 PM to 8 PM
Session 5 Micro Air Vehicles, Thursday (Jan 22nd) AM - Chair: TBD  
Design, Development, and Flight Testing of a High Endurance Micro Quad-Rotor Helicopter Justin Winslow, Moble Benedict , Vikram Hrishikeshavan and Inderjit Chopra University of Maryland 8:30 AM
Design and Hover Testing of a 50-gram Meso-Cyclocopter Elena Shrestha, Victoria Martz, Inderjit Chopra and Moble Benedict University of Maryland and Texas A&M 9:00 AM
Experimental and Computational Investigation of an Insect-Based Flapping Wing for MAV Application James Lankford, David Mayo and  Inderjit Chopra University of Maryland 9:30 AM
BREAK 10:00 AM
Design and Development of a Hover-Capable Two-Winged Flapping-Wing Micro-Air-Vehicle David Coleman and Moble Benedict and Vikram Hrishikeshavan and Inderjit Chopra Texas A&M and University of Maryland 10:30 AM
CFD/Quasi-Steady Coupling for Insects in Trimmed Forward Flight Camli Badrya and James D. Baeder University of Maryland 11:00 AM

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