Handling Qualities Proceedings Now Available

FVL conceptThe AHS International Rotorcraft Handling Qualities Specialists' Meeting was held at the University of Alabama in Huntsville on February 19-20, 2014. It was a great success with nearly 100 attendees, including about one-third government participants. 

This was an excellent interchange on the limtations of the current Aeronautical Design Standard 33 (ADS-33), as well as the latest information on new thoughts and approaches for future generations of rotorcraft.

You can now order the conference CD-ROM, or the 7 individual technical papers. CD-ROMs are available for $50 for AHS members and $145 for non-members. Individual papers are $15 each for members and $30 for non-members. 

Please note that all attendees who paid the conference registration fee received a copy of the proceedings CD-ROM at no cost. 

Conference Proceedings Index [pdf]

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Attention: The Paper of the Month for March 2014 is now available - free for members! Log in and download the closing paper of the conference: "Aeronautical Design Standard - 33 (ADS-33)... Past, Present, and Future," by Chris L. Blanken, Mark B. Tischler, Jeff A. Lusardi, and Christina M. Ivler, U.S. Army.