AOL Defense article: "DoD Strategy, Army Reset Should Bolster Helo, Drone Budgets"

AOL Defense, DoD Strategy, Army Reset Should Bolster Helo, Drone Budgets,” January 23, 2012.

Aviation accounts for only about 7 percent of the Army's personnel but in recent years has consumed 22 percent of the service's research, development and acquisition budget. Even so, helicopter industry and other experts say the Army has invested far too little in developing new and better rotorcraft. Instead, it has used its roughly $8 billion annual aviation acquisition budget mostly to refurbish its existing helicopter fleet and buy more of the same types of aircraft, though in more modern versions.

“The designs are old and many airframes are old, too," Michael Hirschberg, executive director of the American Helicopter Society International, told a January aviation symposium held by the Association of the United States Army (AUSA).