AHS Student Design Winners Announced!

3-view umd 2012 pngThe AHS Student Design Competition, which challenges students to design a vertical lift aircraft which meets specified requirements, provides a practical exercise for engineering students at accredited colleges and universities around the world.  The competition promotes student interest in vertical flight technology.

This year, the University of Maryland came in first-place in the 29th Annual Student Design Competition graduate category with “Dart T690/E550,” a lift and thrust compounded VTOL aircraft, while Georgia Institute of Technology/University of Liverpool’s coaxial helicopter with a counter-rotating auxiliary propeller system titled “Advanced Racing Concept (ARC)” captured second-place honors.

In the undergraduate category, Georgia Institute of Technology/Middle East Technical University’s “Badger,” a single-pilot, highly maneuverable, intermeshing rotorcraft system won first-place, and The Pennsylvania State University came in second with its entrant “Altair,” a coaxial compound. 

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation was the sponsor of the 29th annual competition which rotates among AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter Textron, The Boeing Company, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., and Eurocopter. 

Find out more about the Student Design Competition -- including downloading the executive summaries of all the winning proposals and watching the graduate student flight simulation videos -- at www.vtol.org/sdc

Read the press release!

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