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January 24-26, 2017
Mesa, Arizona, USA 

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The 21st century has seen a continued emphasis on Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous behavior development for both military and civilian applications on a global basis. Numerous unmanned rotorcraft are in varying stages of development all over the world, along with the technologies that will safely integrate them into commercial airspace.

The overwhelming focus on Network Centric Operations (NCO) and its application to rotorcraft and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has expanded the scope of the 2017 Technical Meeting. Subjects may include but are not limited to, sharing of information across the operational field of use, command-and-control, ad hoc network enabled systems, UAS control and interoperability with both ground and other aerial systems, networked sensor integration, and NCO related analysis, modeling, and simulation.

Call For Papers

Papers are invited in the areas of VTOL Unmanned Aircraft Systems vehicle and control station design. This includes the civilian and military platforms of all sizes, ranging from micro UAVs through full scale aircraft and the full range autonomy and associated enabling technologies, including fully autonomous, ground-controlled, and optionally manned vehicles. Papers addressing all aspects of operator interface design, including both the air vehicle and operator control stations are also invited.

See Call for Papers for detailed information and abstracts must be submitted no later than September 16, 2016. For additional information regarding the technical sessions, please contact Dr. Ram JanakiRam, Technical Chair, (480) 891-6057 or (480) 748-9429. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle design, including configuration design, fault tolerant control systems, low Reynolds number aerodynamics (applicable to micro and organic air vehicles), active flow control (development of hingeless aerodynamic surfaces), self-repairing structures, as well as simulation and testing of vehicle design.

  • Enabling systems design, including interoperability, net-centric operations (NCO), and sensor systems. For example, the sharing of information across the operational field of use, command-and-control, ad hoc network enabled systems, UAS control and interoperability with both ground and other aerial systems, networked sensor integration, and NCO related analysis, modeling, and simulation.

  • Enabling Automation Design, including innovative algorithms, sensors, etc., for autonomous rotorcraft operations in cluttered and obstacle rich environments, zero-zero sensor-based auto land, collaborative flight between unmanned and other manned/unmanned rotorcraft systems, networked communications in low altitude flights, areas of unique design and testing of unmanned micro and organic air vehicles, and design and testing of “green” rotary wing UAVs powered by fuel cells or alternative fuels.

  • Simulation and testing of vehicle design, autonomous behaviors, and HSI

  • Improved human-system integration (HSI) and workload reduction for vehicle and control station operator interfaces

  • Regulatory solutions addressing the safe operational integration of these vehicles into national and military airspace

Location: Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville West, 860 North Riverview, Mesa, AZ 85201
Phone: (480)-664-1221 

Mesa Sheraton UAS Technical MeetingHotel Reservations

All sessions of this conference will take place at the Sheraton Wrigleyville Resort in Mesa, AZ. Hotel reservations can be made by contacting the resort directly. The AZ Chapter of AHS has negotiated a discounted rate for conference attendees staying at the resort of $179/night. Please indicate that you are attending the AHS Unmanned Rotorcraft Technical Meeting to receive the discounted AHS rates.

The hotel provides its registered guests free shuttle service for the airport, and for any desired location within a five mile radius, so that a rental car is not needed to attend the conference and enjoy the nearby sights.

The January weather in Mesa, AZ, is delightful, with average daily highs around 67°F and average daily low temperatures are around 42°F.

The Sheraton hotel is located next to Riverview Park, close to the Phoenix Airport, Arizona State University, the Chicago Cubs spring training facility, Tempe Marketplace, restaurants, and other entertainment.

The hotel’s one-acre, resort-style pool area comprises three swimming pools, two heated wading pools, two hot tubs, cabanas, poolside services, a sundeck area, and modern fire and water features throughout.

Make time for a good workout at the state-of-the-art Sheraton Fitness, or be pampered in the full-service salon.

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