Harry T. Jensen Award

Harry T. Jensen Award

Since 1986, the Society has given the Harry T. Jensen Award for an outstanding contribution to the improvement of vertical flight aircraft reliability, maintainability, and/or safety through improved design brought to fruition during the preceding year. Established by Sikorsky Aircraft, the award honors Harry Jensen’s contributions to enhance helicopter qualification, structural reliability and safety.

Award winners

2015 - V-22 Structural Appraisal of Fatigue Effects (SAFE) Team

2014 - S-92A Main Rotor Hub Life Extension Team

2013 - Apache AH-64E Composite Tailboom Development Team

2012 - COL Gregory Masiello, U.S. Marine Corps

2011 - Boeing Active Crash Protection System Development Team, consisting of The Boeing Company, the U.S. Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate, Honeywell, General Dynamics Ordnance and the University of Maryland

2010 - US Army Blackhawk Survivability Suite Team including members of the Army Utility Program Office, DARPA, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., and Raytheon BBN

2009 - Army/Industry Apache Health Monitoring Team

2008 - ALERTS/Appareo Systems and Bristow Group

2007 - MDS Coating Technologies Corp.

2006 - Joint Advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration Team

2005 - The Sikorsky UH-60 M Automatic Flight Control Team

2004 - NRTC/RITA Damage Tolerance Technology Team

2003 - NRTC/RITA and ARL-VTD Team for Multi-Terrain Impact Safety

2002 - Cockpit Air Bag System Development Team

2001 - NRTC/RITA Crash Safety and Navy Water Impact SBIR Teams

2000 - Boeing-Mesa Longbow Integrated Maintenance Support System Team

1999 - Boeing Apache Longbow IETM Team

1998 - The MH-47E Structural Usage Monitoring Systems Team

1997 - Sikorsky Cost Reduction Team

1996 - No Award Presented

1995 - Sikorsky Technical Support Services Team

1994 - U.S. Army Aviation Technical Test Center

1993 - The Teams of Bristow Helicopters/Westland Helicopters Ltd./ Helikopter Service A/S/Stewart Hughes Ltd.

1992 - Joseph P. Cribbins

1991 - James W. Turnbow, Ph.D.

1990 - James D. Cronkhite

1989 - Roy Fox

1988 - Intelligent Fault Locator Team, McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co. U.S. Army's ARTA's AATD

1987 - Thomas Dixon

1986 - NAVAIR/Boeing Vertol Co. CH-46 Team