Alexander A. Nikolsky Honorary Lectureship

Alexander A. Nikolsky Honorary Lectureship

Given to an individual who has a highly distinguished career in vertical flight aircraft research and development, and is skilled at communicating their technical knowledge and experience, for whom a summary of their original work represents a valuable reference publication.

2015 - Dr. Robert A. Ormiston

2014 - Dr. Dewey H. Hodges, Georgia Institute of Technology

2013 - Prof. Peretz P. Friedmann

2012 - Prof. Gareth Padfield, University of Liverpool

2011 - William Bousman, Aerospace Engineer, Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate, NASA Ames Research Center (Ret.)

2010 - Dr. Wayne Johnson

2009 - Dr. Fredric H. Schmitz

2008 - Dr. David A. Peters

2007 - Dr. Kenneth M. Rosen

2006 - Franklin D. Harris

2005 - Walter G. Sonneborn

2004 - Dr. Barnes W. McCormick

2003 - Santino Pancotti

2002 - Troy M. Gaffey

2001 - Dr. Richard M. Carlson

2000 - Prof. Howard C. Curtiss, Jr.

1999 - Dr. Daniel P. Schrage

1998 - Robert J. Huston

1997 - Bruce Blake

1996 - Dr. David S. Jenney

1995 - Bruno Lovera

1994 - Evan Fradenburgh

1993 - Kenneth I. Grina

1992 - Robert R. Lynn

1991 - Dr. Robin B. Gray

1990 - Rene Mouille

1989 - Charles C. Crawford, Jr.

1988 - Kenneth B. Amer

1987 - Jan M. Drees

1986 - John Ward

1985 - Alfred Gessow

1984 - Robert G. Loewy

1983 - Rene H. Miller

1982 - Bartram A. Kelley

1981 - Wieslaw Z. Stepniewski

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