Forum 71 Proceedings

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Forum 71 was a great success with more than 225 technical papers presented, as well as insights and panel discussions by dozens of key decision makers in industry, the US Army, US Navy/Marine Corps, and other government agencies and research institutions.
  • The CD-ROM of the Forum 71 Proceedings papers is now available in the AHS Online Store! The Forum 71 Proceedings CD-ROM is available in the AHS Online Store for $255 for AHS Members and $320.00 for Non-Members. Printed copies of the proceedings from Forum 71 and past Forums can be ordered from Curran Associates.
  • The Forum 71 Special Sessions CD contains more than a dozen pdf files of the briefings by all the US Army and US Navy/Marine Corps program managers, as well as the Nikolsky Lecture, CEO Panel, Supplier Panel and other great resources. Order your Forum 71 Special Sessions CD-ROM from the AHS Online Store – $50 for AHS Members and $145.00 for Non-Members.
  • Check out the best techical papers in their respective technical disciplines, as well as the winner of the overall Alfred Gessow Best Paper Award
  • Georgia Tech won the 3rd Annual Micro Air Vehicle Student Challenge! The Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics Club was the winner of autonomous category and awarded $5,000 for fulfilling all requirements of the competition for the first time in the competition’s three year history. Read more about Georgia Tech and our other winners, plus check out our photos!
  • Check out our photo galleries of the Grand Awards Banquet, as well as Forum exhibits, tours and CEO Panel and more!

Plan now to attend the 72nd Annual Forum, May 17-19, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA!