First Annual Dinner

The newly formed AHS held its First Annual Dinner in the Trianon Room of the Ambassador Hotel, on 51st Street and Park Avenue in New York City, on the evening of October 7, 1944. Read the Dinner Program to see who were the early leaders of the Society. (Click on the photo for a high resolution close-up.)

First Annual Dinner (new)

Some of the attendees have been identified in this photo by a former Sikorsky employee. (Click on the photo for a high resolution close-up.) See below for the names.

First Annual Dinner Key

No. Name Title Organization
1    Igor I. Sikorsky Engineering Manager Sikorsky Aircraft
2    C. Les Morris Flight Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
3    Ralph P. Alex Project Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
4    Major Frank Gregory Wright-Patterson AFB U.S. Army Air Forces
5     Igor A. “Prof” Sikorsky Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
6   Clint Strong Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
7   Michael Buivid Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
8   Bill Hunt Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
9   Al Kettle Technical Publications Sikorsky Aircraft
10   Vern Short Photographer Sikorsky Aircraft
11   Jay Erdman Sikorsky Plant Representative U.S. Army Air Forces
12    Cdr Frank Erickson Commander, Training Unit U.S. Coast Guard, Floyd Bennett Field
13   Bernard Whelan General Manager Sikorsky Aircraft
14    E.E. "Skip" Eveleth Sales Department Sikorsky Aircraft
15    C. M. Aument Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
16   Emil Galke Foreman - Manufacturing Sikorsky Aircraft
17   Dom Plumb Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
18   Walt Lysak Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
19   Patricia Handy Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
20    Boris P. Labensky Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
21   Michael Gluhareff Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
22   Serge Gluhareff Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
23    Nikolai I. Sikorsky Son of Igor I. Sikorsky Sikorsky Family Member
24   William Kostuk Engineering (Active Duty) U.S. Army Air Forces
25   Augusta Orlowski Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
26 name unknown Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
27   Miller Wachs Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
28    Dimitry "Jimmy" Viner Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
29   Galina Sikorsky Viner
Sikorsky Family Member
30   Steve Garday Manufacturing Sikorsky Aircraft
31   Edward Ortwell Manufacturing Sikorsky Aircraft
32   Dan Carboni Manufacturing Sikorsky Aircraft
33   Julius Sobanski Quality Control Sikorsky Aircraft
34   Robert Kee Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
35   Raymond Holland Material Control Sikorsky Aircraft
36    Charles Anderson Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
37    Alice Anderson (spouse) (spouse)
38   Edward Katzenberger Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
39    Charles Zimmerman Vought Engineering Chance Vought, a division of UAC *
40    Edward Nesbitt Sales Department Sikorsky Aircraft
41    Warren Holland Engineering Sikorsky Aircraft
42    Edward Mansfield Shipping Department Sikorsky Aircraft
43 W. Laurence LePage   Kellett Platt-LePage Aircraft Co.
44 Reggie Brie Pilot Cierva Autogiro Company
45 Haviland Platt   Platt-LePage Aircraft Co.
46 Jim Ray Pilot Kellett Platt-LePage Aircraft Co.
47 Alan Price   Platt-LePage Aircraft Co.
48 George "Buck" Miller   Kellett Autogiro Company
49 name unknown   Sikorsky Aircraft

 * Vought and Sikorsky were both divisions of United Aircraft Corporation, now United Technologies Corporation.

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