Lifetime Membership

As of March 2014, AHS has cut the cost and requirements for lifetime membership. Previously, only individuals who had been members for 25 consecutive years were eligible to pay the Lifetime Member rate of $1,500. We now offer Lifetime Membership at $750 if you have 25 consecutive years of membership, and $1,000 if you have been a member for 15 years. Contact AHS Membership via email or 1-703-684-6777 x107. You can log in to My-AHS to see how many years of service you currently have.

The AHS is proud to recognize its lifetime members, listed below alphabetically, each of whom receive a lifetime member pin and special membership card. (In addition to those listed below, individuals who are awarded the distinction of Honorary Fellowships in the Society also received a complementary lifetime membership privileges.)

Mr. Gordon Acker
Dr. Erian Armanios
Mr. Peter Aron
Mr. Fred Battles
Dr. Andreas Bernhard
Dr. John Berry
Mr. William Bousman
Dr. Albert Brand
Mr. John Brieger
Mr. John Bulakowski
Mr. G. Carico
COL Waldo Carmona
Mr. William Charlton
Mr. Jim Connell
Mr. Edmund DeSantis
Mr. William Dodds
Mr. Samuel Ferguson
Mr. Edward Folks
Prof. Peretz Friedmann
Prof. Ranjan Ganguli
Mr. Yuriy Gmirya
Mr. Harry Harr
Mr. James Harris
Dr. Wesley Harris
Mr. Derek Hart
Mr. Curtis Herrick
Dr. Jerry Higman
Mr. John Justen
Mr. Ken Kadezabek
Mr. Andrew Keith
Mr. David Key
Mr. Marcel Kretz
Mr. Andreas Lipp
Dr. Andrew Makeev
Dr. Claudio Maltoni
Mr. Dennis McGuire
Dr. Judah Milgram
Mr. David Mitchell
Mr. OK Moore
Ms. Kelly Morger
Mr. Gene Munson
Mr. William Nickels
Mr. James Nietupski
Mr. Clarence Patnode
Dr. David Peters
Ms. Kitty Pope
Mr. James Potter
Prof. J. V. R.  Prasad
Capt. John Quarterman
Prof. Bryan Roberts
Dr. S. Robertson
Mr. Andrew Sadanowicz
Dr. Stanley Sadler
Mr. Rickey Simmons
Dr. Clifford Smith
Prof. Ed Smith
Mr. Henry Smith
Prof. Marilyn Smith
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Edward Spencer
Dr. Francis Spring
Mr. Herbert Steinmann
Dr. Anita Tracy
Mr. Lawrence Trick
Prof. Norman Wereley
Mr. James White
Mr. John Williams
Mr. Grady Wilson
Dr. Hong Xin
Ms. Michelle Yarborough

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