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inspire creativity and challenge the
norms of conventional design, doing
more with less and leading the way to a
healthy and sustainable future.We’ve
now instituted annual experiential
learning programs for engineering
students, providing them with the
opportunity to participate in unique
projects such as Atlas. These will allow
them to gain hands-on experience,
challenge themselves and push
engineering technology to its limits. Our
current focus is on human-powered
land vehicles:“speedbikes” capable of
nearly 80 mph (129 km/hr) on a level
After that, there remain two Kremer
human-powered aircraft challenges …
we’ve been told they’re impossible.
About the Authors
r. Todd Reichert was the pilot and
Chief Aerodynamicst of
AeroVelo’s Atlas helicopter
project. Cameron Robertson was Chief
Structural Engineer. Both are co-
founders of AeroVelo.
VERTIFLITE September/October 2013
Two crashes from nearly 3 m in March and April 2013 were major setbacks but also the inspiration
for the final winning configuration. (AHS photo)
The Atlas Team, with the primary manpower coming from undergraduate University of Toronto
engineering students, celebrates at the July 11 award ceremony. (Photo by Kenneth I. Swartz,
Aeromedia Communications)
The barn at the Great Lakes Gliding Club in Tottenham has given
birth to the world’s first human powered ornithopter and the winner
of the AHS Sikorsky Prize.This could be just the beginning. (AeroVelo
photo by Jake Read)
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