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Each issue of Vertiflite (as well as the AHS 2014 History Calendar) features Quick Response (QR) codes like the one on the left that you can scan with your smartphone or tablet to "hyperlink" from the page to our online content. For those without a QR scanner capability, we've included the links (below) from each magazine to additional content. Please let us know what you think!

March/April 2014
page 6
Breaking News
vtol.org/connect Vertiflite March April 2014 cover
page 7
Lord Corporation advertisment LORD.com
page 10 Helijet 2014 Photo Gallery vtol.org/qr/helijet
page 29 PICMATES advertisment picwire.com/vflite


January/February 2014
page 35
Lord Corporation advertisment
LORD.com 2014 January Vertiflite cover thumbnail


History Calendar 2014

Calendar Index


vtol.org/qr/2014-calendar-index 2014 AHS Calendar cover thumbnail
History Calendar


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