Lifetime Membership

In 1994 the Society established a Lifetime Member category. The distinction of becoming a lifetime member of the Society is only offered to those faithful individuals who are members of the Gold Circle Club and have been members for at least 25 consecutive years. The price for lifetime membership is $1500.00. Please contact Liz Malleck, Director of Membership, to apply or for more details.

The AHS is proud to recognize its lifetime members, listed below alphabetically, each of whom receive a lifetime member pin and special membership card.  Those individuals who are awarded the distinction of Honorary Fellowships in the Society also received a complementary lifetime membership privileges. Honorary Fellowships are granted to Society members whose work towards the interests of AHS has constituted an outstanding achievement.

Mr. Peter A. Aron
Prof. Akira Azuma
Mr. Fred C. Battles PE
Dr. John D. Berry
Mr. Frederick K. Bietsch
Mr. Bruce B. Blake
Dr. Gabriel D. Boehler
Mr. William G. Bousman
Mr. John T. Brieger
Mr. Dean Carico
COL (Ret.) Waldo F. Carmona
Mr. William R. Charlton
Prof. Inderjit Chopra
Mr. Elmer S. Congdon
Mr. Jim Connell
LTC William P. Craddock Ret
Mr. Edward J. Currier
Mr. John Dainiak
Mr. John M. Davis
Mr. William R. Dodds
Col Charles R. Dunn, USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Calvin L. Ebby
Mr. H. Kipling Edenborough
Mr. Samuel W. Ferguson III
Mr. Robert G. Ferry
Mr. Edward G. Folks
Prof. Peretz P. Friedmann
Mr. William H. Gates
Mr. Dieter H. Halff, Dipl.-Ing.
Mr. Harry K. Harr
Mr. James E. Harris
Dr. Wesley L. Harris
Mr. William D. Harris
Mr. Derek S. Hart
Mr. James S. Hayden
Mr. Robert E. Head
Mr. Curtis J. Herrick,  Jr.
Mr. Paul W. Holt
Mr. K. P. Jessurun
Mr. John J. Justen
Mr. David H. Kaplan
Mr. David L. Key
Mr. Marcel Kretz Dr. Gordon B. McKay
Mr. Larry A. Meidell
Mr. O.K. Moore
Ms. Kelly M. Morger
Mr. Gene P. Munson
Col Robert W. Newton (Ret.)
Mr. William A. Nickels
Mr. James C. Nietupski
Mr. Leo Norman
Mr. Otto H. Nowotny
Mr. Frank S. Okamoto
Mr. Clarence A. Patnode Jr.
Dr. David A. Peters
Mr. James L. Potter
Capt. John M Quarterman USN
Dr. S. Harry Robertson
Mr. Franklin D. Robinson
Mr. Godfrey A. Rockefeller
Mr. James B. Rorke
Dr. Stanley G. Sadler
Mr. Edward I. Seto
Mr. John H. Sherrer
Mr. Albert Sivahop
Mr. Michael R. Smith
Mr. Henry G. Smith
Mr. William J. Snyder
Mr. Edward S. Spencer
Dr. Francis E. Spring Jr.
Mr. Herbert H. Steinmann
Mr. Richard G. Stutz
Mr. Robert J. Tapscott
Dr. Marat Tishchenko
Mr. Lawrence L. Trick
Mr. Reinier J. VanderHarten
Mr. Paul W. von Hardenberg
Dr. Norman M. Wereley
Mr. Ken L. West
Mr. John W. Williams
LTC Grady W. Wilson, USA (Ret.)
Prof. E. Roberts Wood

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