Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

The title of Honorary Fellow is granted to highly distinguished Society members who have made exceptional leadership, innovative or other meritorious contributions that have significantly advanced AHS International and the vertical flight community during their career. The granting of Honorary Fellows is in perpetuity, and a certificate and life membership in the Society is given to each Honorary Fellow elected. No more than two such awards are given in any single year.

2015 - Dr. Michael S. Torok, Sikorsky Airccraft, Tommie L. Wood, Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

2014 - L. Kim Smith and Philip J. Dunford

2013 - Robert Bossler & Nicholas Lappos

2012 - Arthur Linden, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (Ret.) and Prof. Akira Azuma, University of Tokyo (Ret.)

2011 - Albert Winn, former Vice President Attack Helicopter Programs, Boeing Military Aircraft Division (Ret.); David Matuska, CH-53K Chief of Test, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., and M.E. 'Rhett' Flater

2010 - Larry F. Plaster, The Boeing Company

2009 - John M. Davis and Kenneth L. Lauck

2008 - Dr. Inderjit Chopra and Roy G. Fox

2007 - Michael D. Blake and Dr. E. Roberts Wood

2006 - Barry J. Baskett and Thomas E. Laux

2005 - Edwin W. Aiken and Somen Chowdhury

2004 - Dr. Tomoari Nagashima and Cecil Richardson

2003 - John R. Murphey and Akira Sato

2002 - Roger A. Krone and David J. Weller

2001 - Harry Pember and Myron Michael Kawa, Jr

2000 - George T. Singley, III and S. Michael Hudson

1999 - Marc Sheffler and Motoi Yoshiwaka

1998 - Gary F. Rast and Dr. Andrew Z. Lemnios

1997 - Webb F. Joiner and William J. Snyder

1996 - Dr. Jing Yen and Robert D. Powell

1995 - Robert J. Huston and Gary P. Smith

1994 - Dean C. Borgman, Emmett Knight and John Shaw

1993 - Dev Banerjee and Allen Schoen

1992 - Dean E. Cooper and Barnes McCormick

1991 - Walter G.O. Sonneborn and William W. Walls Jr.

1990 - W. Euan Hooper and Kenneth Rosen

1989 - Julian L. Jenkins Jr. and Andrew H. Logan

1988 - Thomas L. House and Andrew W. Kerr

1987 - Paolo Bellavita and William Kuczynski

1986 - David S. Jenney and Richard B. Lewis

1985 - Kenneth Amer and Fred Smith

1984 - Jack G. Real and Robert Zincone

1983 - William J. Crawford, III and Raymond W. Prouty

1982 - James F. Atkins and Wieslaw Z. Stepniewski

1981 - MG Story C. Stevens, USA and John B. Wheatley

1980 - Charles C. Crawford Jr., Franklin D. Harris and Dr. W. Laurence LePage

1979 - Leon L. Douglas and Evan A. Fradenburgh

1978 - Jan M. Drees and Dr. Alfred Gessow

1977 - Edward S. Carter Jr., Richard L. Wernecke and Alfred L. Wolf

1976 - Heinrich K. Adenstedt, Wayne Wiesner and Harry Lounsbury

1975 - Harry T. Jensen and Rene Mouille

1974 - Dr. Richard Carlson and Dr. William P. Jones

1973 - Robert R. Lynn and Robert J. Tapscott

1972 - Edward Katzenberger and Dr. Gerhard Sissingh

1971 - Charles W. Ellis, Charles L. Morris and Hans Weichsel, Jr.

1970 - Bernard Lindenbaum and Robert A. Wagner

1969 - Harvey Gaylord and Dr. Henry R. Velkoff

1968 - Dr. James A.J. Bennett and Charles M. Seibel

1967 - Woodrow L. Cook and Ralph B. Lightfoot

1966 - Dr. Robert G. Loewy and John P. Reeder

1965 - Charles W. Kuehne and Herbert M. Toomey

1964 - Ralph P. Alex and Joseph Mashman

1963 - Michael E. Gluhareff and Robert Strange

1962 - LTG Hamilton H. Howze, US and Don Ryan Mockler

1961 - Bartram Kelley and Clarence W. Moore

1960 - John O. Emmerson and Igor I. Sikorsky

1959 - Carlyle C. Agar and BG William B. Bunker, USA

1958 - Rene H. Miller and COL Robert Williams, USA

1957 - Jean Ross Howard and S. Paul Johnston

1956 - Jackson E. Beighle and Freidrich L. Von Doblhoff

1955 - Anton Flettner and CMDR William G. Knapp, USN

1954 - Floyd Carlson

1953 - Kurt H. Hohenemser and Dimitry D. Viner

1952 - Lawrence D. Bell and Bernard L. Whelan

1951 - BG Clayton C. Jerome

1950 - Stanley Hiller, Jr. and Charles H. Kaman

1949 - L. Welch Pogue and Clarence H. Belinn

1948 - Boris P. Labensky

1947 - Frank N. Piasecki

1946 - Dr. Alexander Klemin

1945 - CMDR Frank Erickson, USCG and Arthur M. Young

1944 - COL H. Franklin Gregory, USAF and Igor I. Sikorsky

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